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Baroque Splash

Baroque Splash

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This stunning baroque pearl has a gorgeous luster with warm tones of soft rose, peach, violet, gold, and pale green shimmering over the surface. As with round pearls, the quality of baroque (irregularly shaped) pearls is determined by the depth of the luster (glow), the number of colours visible, the size, the nacre, and various other factors. The bodycolour of this pearl is a warm cream, and the numerous warm, glowing hues playing over the surface, the large size, and the depth of the nacre make it a very special gemstone.

A large peridot and a smaller aquamarine represent the ocean glinting around it. On each side of the band are another small peridot, for a grand total of three peridots. The band has a lovely texture reminiscent of coral and it smoothly wraps around the pearl to hold it in place, making a very unique setting.

Set in fine silver with a patina of 22k yellow gold on the upper part and a 22k dark rhodium patina over fine silver on the band.

Rulebreaker Collection. Ocean series.

Ring size: 8.5. Contact us for information about re-sizing.

Size of pearl: 24 x 20 mm

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