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Evening Garden

Evening Garden

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This design is the result of a challenge to capture the spirit of my garden in the evening when there are deep shadows, but the last rays of light make the flowers provide a brilliant contrast to the surrounding darkness. Colours and textures and  leaves are so stunning and imposing at this time of day.

Two black opals (8x6) from Wello, Ethiopia with a lovely play of colour (greens, reds, oranges, yellows, and purples). Six peridots suggest the leaves surrounding these beautiful flowers.

Black opals are the rarest of the opal types, comprising only 8% of opals mined. They are very prized because their dark-grey to black base colour really makes the flashes of other colours explode.

The ring comprises fine silver with a patina of dark rhodium and 22-karat gold accents. Garden series.

Size: 6.5 This ring can be re-sized up to a 7.5.

Note on how to care for opals: opals are not as delicate as most people think, but because they are made of microscopic spheres and contain a lot of water they are more prone to problems if you are not careful. Do not take showers or do dishes while wearing them. They do not like dramatic changes in temperatures (but then who does?). Because they have a very high content of water it can freeze and expand and cause the opal to crack or break. So just remember to wear gloves when out and about.

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