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Sunset Waves

Sunset Waves

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The lovely Sunset Waves ring is set in sterling silver with a 22k yellow gold patina. The waves pattern is quite striking, with amethysts inset along the crest of each wave, for a total of 12 amethysts! This design captures those moments of twilight when the waves turn slightly purple with the setting sun. A gorgeous, calm moment captured in silver and gemstones.

Each wave is rounded at the top and points down to prevent catching (see photos). Note also how each wave is slightly offset from the other as well, giving the top of the ring a slight s-shape to add to the dynamics of the design. The waves are also hollow when seen from the sides to lighten the look of the ring (and the weight!).

Ring size: 8.25 (contact us for resizing options)

Rulebreaker Ocean Series

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