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Orchard Fruit

Orchard Fruit

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This lovely pair of Rulebreaker earrings is part of our Garden Series. Each earring has two blue topazes and an amethyst sparkling in the branches and leaves. The top topazes are ovals (6 x 4 mm) and the bottom topazes are teardrops (7 x 5 mm). The amethysts are also teardrops, though smaller (5 x 3 mm). The variations in sizes and shapes provide nice dynamics to these earrings.

The setting is fine silver with a patina of 22-karat yellow gold on the prongs and gemstone caps, as well as on parts of the clasps. The silver is shaped into vine-looking curlicues, and each earring has a leaf motif. The clasp is a very secure horseshoe closure to keep these precious earrings safely attached.

They are very delicate-looking earrings that dangle freely, allowing the gemstones to sparkle.

Gemstones: Eye clean.

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