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Amethyst Bud

Amethyst Bud

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This gorgeous necklace has as its centrepiece a large carved amethyst in the shape of a bud about to burst open. The amethyst shows both deep purples and shades of lilac in its depths. It has a beautiful glow both in and out of the sun. 

Surrounding the amethyst bud are eight faceted aquamarines, providing a delicate backdrop suggesting hints of the sky behind the amethyst.

The setting is fine silver with a black rhodium patina and a 22-karat yellow gold patina. Two rosettes provide additional floral notes and two leaves and some twig-like elements accentuate the garden design. In addition, the upper part of the setting has thicker, branch-like pieces carved with a bark texture. The back of the design is completely smooth to prevent any snagging on clothing.

The chain portion is also fine silver with a black rhodium patina. It is 16" long.

Amethyst: 23 x 18 mm, 12 mm thick. Carved from a single piece of amethyst. Birthstone for February.

Aquamarines: 8 faceted rounds, 3-4 mm in diameter. Birthstone for March.

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