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Garden by the Sea

Garden by the Sea

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This luminous ring is part of our Ocean Series in the Rulebreaker Collection. Three freshwater pearls form the centre of this garden by the sea. The central pearl is a hefty 12 mm in diameter with a rich, pale-peach colouring. It has excellent luster and depth of colour denoting a thick nacre. The two accent pearls (7 mm rounds) are an extremely pale grey that also reflect flashes of the central peach pearl. Pearl is the birthstone for June.

The three deep-green garnets scattered amongst the pearls provide flashes reminiscent of both deep water and lush foliage. Garnet is the birthstone for January.

The band is fine silver with a patina of black rhodium and 22-karat yellow gold highlights. The outside of the band has a texture reminiscent of coral and barnacles (though smooth to the touch), whereas the inside is sleek and comfortable.

Size 7. Please contact us regarding resizing options.

Central pearl: 12 mm round

2 accent pearls: 7 mm rounds

3 green garnets: 3 mm rounds

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