About Us

Our Story 

Welcome to Out Designs, your source for excellence in handcrafted jewellery. We are dedicated to providing the best in handmade jewellery, with a focus on quality materials, unique designs, and outstanding service.

Lisete comes to jewellery design through a Fine Arts degree in sculpture. She started cutting gemstones fourteen years ago and has continued to expand on her knowledge, bringing sculpture down to the scale of wearable art.

Chris started cutting gemstones twenty years ago. A couple of years later brought wire-wrapping and then silver-smithing skills to supplement the gem-cutting. Each year brings new skills and approaches to apply to our designs.

Daughters Mariana and Joana have also joined our team to get our image out on social media and provide other support behind the scenes, making this a true family-run business.

email - lisete.outdesigns@gmail.com

Giving Back 

We believe with business we can make a great impact on the community and we take pride in giving back to society.